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Philippa Norris
Inanimate Pieces
Sleeping Whippets - 45
Pack of Whippets -  45 each
Napkin Ring Whippets       
  Terracotta Figure
Lidded Pot
Lustre Vases - 25 each
All images on this site are the copyright work of Philippa Norris
Prices range between 20 and 85; please ring me on 01865 514 670
or e-mail me at philippa.ellison@gmail.com  for details
My Owl Collection
New in 2018, these delightful owls have a removable lid so that they can hold a candle.
They are made of porcelain and are weather proof.
Because of the expensive materials used, and the amount of time taken to produce them, they cost 85 each.  An ideal gift!
Porcelain Flowers - 5 each
Sleeping Cat
Containers - 25 each
Peacock Dish
Peacock Vase - 30
Shall I,  or Shan't I, Run?