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Philippa Norris

Oxford Ceramicist

My passion is ceramics. I create unique objects by slip casting, hand building, carving, and then often hand paint these forms. No two items are ever quite the same. Many items are practical, for example, lidded bowls, sweet pea containers, flower vases, candlesticks and much more.

As a professional paper conservator I have a love for detail and fine tuning which my work reflects. I specialise in slip casting, with two distinct styles - the colourful and decorative, which reflects Staffordshire china, and a more subdued, unglazed set of work relying on design and coloured clays for impact, and do a little hand building. Having grown up in a house full of Staffordshire china I realise that this has greatly influenced my style and approach to ceramics along with a love of flora and fauna.

I continuously explore new ideas, designs and techniques. My overwhelming love of flora and fauna is apparent in my work, the simplest of things like my dogs inspiring models, painting and carving - whippets everywhere!

I have a plaster lathe which works on a similar principle to wood-turning. With this I can create a basic spherical shape and then manipulate if appropriate before taking a cast. Once I have a working cast I sometimes use coloured clays to form part of the slipware design, and carve and possibly paint an image on the end product.  Most of my work is in porcelain and often not glazed.

For several years I have exhibited at quality craft fairs and will continue to do so
. Visitors are also welcome, by appointment, to my Studio in North Oxford. You can contact me on xxxxx xxxxxx
Please visit my Gallery to see examples of my work and prices
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