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Philippa Norris
Oxford Ceramicist

My work is slip cast porcelain using coloured clays; it is fired high which means that all objects are waterproof, suitable for dish washers and ovens should the design be appropriate for such usage. In addition, they can be garden ornaments, which might be appropriate for my new range of alternative owls.

I often use a plaster lathe to create my initial design which works on the same principle as a woodturning lathe. From the plaster models I make a mould. Once the mould is dry enough to cast I can make a limited number of multiples. These are all hand finished, sanded smooth and sometimes hand painted or more frequently carved. No two items are ever the same. Layers of cast coloured clays add to the design opportunities. Works made on the lathe are generally of a practical nature such as lidded containers with holes for cut flowers, candle holders and conventional vases and bowls.

My other line of work is animals. These are always a take on the real, decorative in style and very much influenced by Staffordshire china. I make an original clay model and then a cast. In the case of the
lying whippet there are 12 sections to the cast which requires a lot of hand finishing. Ears, tails etc. are added later to create individual expressions and personality. The whippets are modelled on my own dog.

Throughout my work there is a clear influence of my love for flora and fauna in terms of function, design and decoration.

I trained as a paper conservator at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and have become increasingly involved with ceramics in recent years. I participate in Oxfordshire Art Weeks annually and during the year am involved in a few select craft fairs. I feel that my training as a conservator has helped me to seek a high standard of finish in my ceramic work.
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This year 2021 I will be opening for Art Weeks at the Blandford Avenue Marquee, Oxford, OX2 8DZ with 5 other artists of different disciplines. We will have a covid safety policy in place.

In November I hope to exhibit in Summertown, Oxford in a show called Art at Christmas. No date yet.
Vase - 25
Standing Whippet - 80
If you are interested in purchasing any of my pieces please contact me directly - prices  mostly range from 20 to 45

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